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1,135 Pound Blue Marlin is Potential New MD State Record on Day 5 of The MidAtlantic Tournament



By Scott Lenox

1,135 Pound Blue Marlin is Potential New MD State Record on Day 5 of The MidAtlantic Tournament

Well the 5th and final day of the MidAtlantic Tournament is in the books and just like the tournament itself, we may have seen a record breaker.  We heard rumor of a “grander” blue marlin coming to the scale on board the Billfisher with Captain Jon Duffie, but didn’t know what to expect because rumors are rumors.  When I saw the fish in person at Sunset Marina I knew that not only was “grander” in the equation, but so was Maryland State Record.  When the big fish was hoisted on to the scale and weighmaster Frank read the weight, the crowd erupted and everyone realized that they were looking at a potential new Maryland State Record for blue marlin at 1,135 pounds!  If verified this blue marlin will break the previous record of 1,062 pounds set during the White Marlin Open back in 2009.  Congratulations to Captain Jon Duffie and the crew of the Billfisher on their amazing record breaking catch.  Here are your final results for the 30th Anniversary of the MidAtlantic Tournament.  Thanks to Dave Messick and Sunset Marina for the pics!


3rd Place.    Reel Moore.    50 Pounds

2nd  Place.    Amarula Sun.    57 Pounds

1st Place     Just One More     58 Pounds


3rd Place.   Picasso Moon     33 Pounds

2nd Place     Taylor Jean     36 Pounds

1st Place     Amarula Sun     45 Pounds


3rd Place.    The Right Place.    188 Pounds

2nd Place & 1st Place.    Pipe Dreamer.    227 and 235 Pounds

Blue Marlin

3rd Place.    Goin’ In Deep.    681 Pounds

2nd Place.    Wolverine.    958 Pounds

1st Place     Billfisher     1,135 Pounds (New Tournament and Maryland State Record)

White Marlin

3rd Place.    Fish On.    75 Pounds

2nd Place.    Lucky Duck II.    80 Pounds

1st Place.    Sea Wolf.    82 Pounds

Away from the tournament Captain Kevin Twilley was running the Fish Bound this evening for a 4 hour trip when he put this young man on a big old 8 pound flounder.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star dealt with the downpour this morning and put his anglers on some nice fishing.

Man, that was a downpour.  Lot of sparks too. Watched a weather ap for a break and headed offshore. 

Started out with a drift. Not awesome. Wasn’t horrible either. Ground it out in the rain. 

Couple fellows got to double digits with cbass. Jigmaster Tom limited on fluke. 

Have had a few fellows catch a limit of flounder in the last week. I’m selling a sea bass trip—doing all I can to catch clients plenty of cbass. If you want to target fluke? Knock yourself out – just don’t hold it against us if the guy 2 spots down is limited on sea bass while you have to head to McDonalds for a fish sandwich! 

Enough of rain. Cancelled tomorrow. Pay bills while this hurricane & it’s swells roll by. 

Might post a special mahi trip shortly to my email “Fish Report” list. Sure isn’t on fire – good as it’s gonna get though. 

Sign on at morningstarfishing.com if of a mind. 




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Source: News Ocean City Maryland Coast Dispatch Newspaper