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16 things to know when cruising Chesapeake Bay

by DrewLUD

Here are some of the things i have learned over the past 25+ years when cruising Chesapeake Bay. I am sure there are many more items, these are just my thoughts. I am confident that there are numerous other boaters out there with more experience then me that can add their insights in the comments.

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0:00 – intro
02:00 -Best time to cruise
02:42 – Review your charts -paper, digital know what to look for
04:40 – Shallow areas
05:33 – Narrow channels
08:18 – Areas of potential rough water
13:05 – Debris in water
14:52 – Crab pots
17:40 – Fishing boats
19:00 – Fishing nets
21:12 – Commercial ships
22:10 – Commercial ship anchorage
22:50 – Sailboat races
23:38 – Range lights
24:20 – Restricted areas
26:20 – Swirling water around the base of the bridges
27:15 – Barges

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