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2021 Hurricane Season Outlook | Earth Networks

by DrewLUD


2021 Hurricane Outlook Webinar: May 13

The 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season is around the corner, and everyone is getting ready.  Wondering what hurricane season will look like this year? Earth Networks’ team of meteorologists has the answers.

This year, our expert meteorological team will be hosting our 2021 Hurricane Season Outlook Webinar on Thursday, May 13, 2021 at 2 p.m. ET. You can register for the 30-minute webinar using this registration link.

Last year was the most active hurricane season on record, with an extraordinary 30 total named storms. This spring, we will take a look at what to expect for the upcoming Atlantic tropical season. Every year, we look at all the models, trends, and data to produce our hurricane outlook forecast.

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What issues will we address during the 2021 Hurricane Outlook?

Our expert team of meteorologists will cover several hurricane-related topics, including:

  • How many tropical storms can we expect this hurricane season?
  • What areas of the U.S. are most at risk for severe storms?
  • Which factors influence the formation of hurricanes?


Our meteorologists will also be answering your questions live!

What can we predict for this hurricane season?

While the Earth Networks meteorology team will dish on the hurricane forecast for 2021, you can take a look at the names will be used for this season’s storms. The World Meteorological Organization develops the names for Northern Pacific and Atlantic storms. According to the National Hurricane Center and Central Pacific Hurricane Center, the 2021 Atlantic hurricanes will have the following potential names:

  • Ana
  • Bill
  • Claudette
  • Danny
  • Elsa
  • Fred
  • Grace
  • Henri
  • Ida
  • Julian
  • Kate
  • Larry
  • Mindy
  • Nicholas
  • Odette
  • Peter
  • Rose
  • Sam
  • Teresa
  • Victor
  • Wanda

To learn more about Earth Networks’ coverage of past hurricane seasons, take a look at our 2020 Hurricane Season Outlook.

Please contact us if you have any questions before the webinar. In the meanwhile, don’t forget to register for the 2021 Hurricane Season Outlook!


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