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3K A Rising Threat Climate Inequity in Coastal Communities

by DrewLUD

Joseph Galarraga, Staff Researcher, CEEJH
Andrea Miralles-Barboza, Graduate Student, University of Maryland Marine
Estuarine Environmental Sciences (MEES) Program
Elizabeth Van Dolah, Project Manager, The Nature Conservancy
Robert Musil, President and CEO, Rachel Carson Council
Dean Hardy, Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina School of the Earth, Ocean & Environment

Coastal communities face unique threats with regards to climate change. Rising sea levels and flooding have become an everyday reality for a number of coastal populations. While the threats of tropical storms and hurricanes present a number of environmental health risks. Additionally, many coastal communities across the United States are under-resourced and feature low wealth and BIPOC populations. The confluence of such conditions within communities that have historically been neglected produce climate inequities, unique vulnerabilities, and contribute to the legacy of environmental injustice in the United States.

In this session, panelists will discuss climate inequity in coastal communities, the health repercussions associated with climate change, how climate change exacerbates health disparities in coastal communities, and what mitigation and adaptation strategies can be utilized to promote climate equity in coastal settings. The panelists will discuss the need for programs, initiatives, and policies that enhance equity in preparedness, response, and recovery for coastal populations and opportunities to improve resiliency in these areas.

Source: Youtube