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40-Year-Old Cold Case Solved | Dawn Olanick's Cold Case!

by DrewLUD

40-Year-Old Cold Case Solved | Dawn Olanick’s Cold Case!

Forty years ago, the dead body of a teenage girl was found in a cemetery in the state of New Jersey. The case captured national headlines for years afterward.
That was Princess Doe, the first dead body to go on the records at the National Crime Information Center as an unidentified victim of a gruesome murder.
It took all this time for her identity to be revealed. Her killer has now been found.
So who was Princess Doe, and how did she die? Watch our episode to find out. And like, share, and subscribe to stay updated with all the most recent and stunning developments that help to resolve cold cases of homicide from the past.

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00:00 Intro
00:36 Background
01:04 The Body Is Discovered
03:11 The Investigation
05:34 Her Memory Lives On
07:09 The Theories
09:15 The Breakthrough
11:18 The Killer
13:30 Events Surrounding The Murder
16:14 How Science Solved The Case
19:08 Aftermath
20:29 Outro


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40-Year-Old Cold Case Solved | Dawn Olanick’s Cold Case!

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