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77 years after death, a funeral

by DrewLUD


Pleasant chatter and laughter filled Cranston Funeral Home in Seaford on Saturday, as friends and family gathered for what Judi Thoroughgood described a “celebration.”

It was a farewell much overdue for the World War II hero, George M. Johnson, a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army Air Force.

“It’s a celebration, it is bittersweet but still a celebration,” said Thoroughgood, Johnson’s niece. “He has been away from home now for 77 years. It’s good to finally have him back.”

Isabel and John Stevenson showing their respect for WW II veteran 2nd Lt. George M. Johnson at Cranston Funeral home in Seaford Saturday.   GARY EMEIGH/Special To The News Journal

Twenty-three-year-old Johnson lost his life in a tragic accident, when he and nine others were aboard a Consolidated B-24 Liberator for their first combat mission in the central Pacific. 

The heavy bomber crashed after only reaching a few hundred feet in the air, slamming into the lagoon and exploding. 

The Johnson family was left to grieve for nearly eight decades without the closure of his body returning home. 


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