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A dessert desert on the culinary coast? Not quite.

by DrewLUD

I was lucky enough to go to a college where the room and board plan provided, in today’s parlance, “all-you-can-eat” meals. 

Thus, many of us took two desserts, the first to be enjoyed before the “mystery mound” main course, and the other afterwards.

As a dues paying member of the Culinary Coast, and it should be noted that the membership costs go up every season, I have enjoyed many a distinctive dessert at our local restaurants.    

Nonetheless, despite the region’s epicurean expertise, it lacks a dish (or bowl) that would be recognized locally and nationally as the signature coastal dessert. Maryland can cite its Smith Island Cake, and Massachusetts has its Boston Cream Pie (which actually is a cake as well). 

Peach pie

But what about Delaware? Back in summer of 2009, the General Assembly, in its infinite wisdom, did designate peach pie as the official state dessert. 

While this is interesting in the context of our discussion, and no doubt forms a line on the resumé of one or more of our state representatives or senators, it does not seem to have pushed peach pie to the pinnacle of our local menus.      

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