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Almost State Record Blueline Tilefish



By Scott Lenox

Almost State Record Blueline Tilefish

Click the vid for the Daily Catch at the Ocean City Fishing Center!

Yep….another beautiful day to be on the water today.  Light winds, calms seas, sunny skies and biting fish.  We will take it as long as it lasts.

I got a text from offshore this morning from Captain Austin Ensor of the Primary Search asking what the Maryland State record blueline tilefish was so I was guessing he had a big one.  I informed him that the current MD state record is 20 pounds and after a little banter back and forth Captain Austin reported he had one that might be close.  Well it was close…very close, but in the immortal words of Bob Uecker, it was….just a bit outside!  Captain Austin’s fish weighed in at 19 pounds, just one pound shy of the state record, but it is one of the largest blueline tiles that I’ve seen in a long time.  Congrats on the awesome catch!

This #onemancharter fishing on board the Reel Chaos with Anthony Matarese had #onehellofaday!  He released a blue marlin and boxed 6 fat tuna and some mahi.

Captain Chris Watkowksi and the crew of Spring Mix II had a great day of offshore trolling today when they released a white marlin and boxed three fat yellowfin tuna and some mahi.

The crew of the Boss Hogg had a good day offshore today and loaded the dock with mahi and tilefish.

Anglers on the Ocean City Girl had fun catching a big flounder and a bunch of mahi on today’s trip.

Rich Daiker, Kenny Schoan and Tony Ellis caught a limit of sea bass, six flounder and 7 mahi fishing the ocean today.

Blake Gunther, Brandon Miller, Ken Yuen and the crew had a great day over ocean structure today with a bunch of flounder.

Ron Atkinson from Baltimore, MD fished on the Miss Ocean City with Captain Anton using our Fish in OC Deadly Double rig and caught a limit of four keeper flounder.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported beautiful conditions and good fishing with sea bass, flounder and mahi going in coolers.

Anglers fishing on board the Morning Star with Captain Monty Hawkins enjoyed beautiful weather, big sea bass and a few mahi.

Been a fine way to finish up August. Many a year we’ve had two or three tropical systems roll on past insuring our last schools-out month. Leaves a large blank spot in the end of summer sales ledger too. Not this time. Weatherman insists we may carry on. 

Good deal. 

OC local Kim Z was our guest reef builder today. She scored in the ten ring too. I need to get our all-star U/W video divers down on that reef. Bound to be some good growth by now.

Saw many a boat in today’s rare Saturday calm. Negotiated the mess & found a bit of bottom – began fishing. With so many lines in the water and a good sized shadow, sometimes we become an “artificial weed line” ourselves – mahi come under and stay awhile. 

I wouldn’t say they enjoy ice, but the cooler’s where they go if we’re able. 

Just a handful of mahi on today’s sea bass trip. Couldn’t get em coming like yesterday. 

Sure had some good bass though. Nelson M from Gettysburg pocketed today’s pool money. 



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