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American Landscapes 2021 Reception

by DrewLUD

From the oceans that surround this continent to the mountains that divide it – this land is home to some of the world’s most powerful landscapes. Thanks to the American Landscapes artists and Juror Sue Frank, Curator at The Philips Collection, for making this exhibition so outstanding. For this reception, Frank and the artists discussed their creative process and how the work was selected. See all the work online.

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00:00 Introduction
00:58 Introducing Juror Sue Frank
2:39 Sue Frank Introduces American Landscapes Show
6:24 First Slide – Honorable Mention
8:02 Second Slide – Honorable Mention
9:58 Third Slide – Honorable Mention
12:45 Fourth Slide – Honorable Mention
16:55 Fifth Slide – Honorable Mention
19:15 John Hanou discusses his photograph
21:41 Sixth Slide – Juror’s Choice
25:32 Seventh Slide – Juror’s Choice
28:44 Eighth Slide – Juror’s Choice
31:56 Nineth Slide – Juror’s Choice
35:03 Tenth Slide – Juror’s Choice
37:54 Final Comments and Questions
40:02 How does a juror choose artwork out of 700 submissions?
43:08 Discuss artwork
50:30 Philips Collection – Picasso’s Blue Period
53:01 Question – Philips Collection

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