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B-Real – Adam Carolla Show 9/22/21

by DrewLUD

Adam opens today’s podcast talking to Bryan and Gina about B-Real’s story, and his history on Love Line. Adam then plays a disturbing clip narrated by Dr. Michael Baden, and they go on to talk with a caller who lost their son in a fentanyl-related death. Later they talk another listener call about being a ‘man of passion’. Before the break, the guys go through some of Adam’s Liked Tweets. B-Real joins the show, and the guys reminisce about their times hanging out going back to the Loveline days. B then goes into detail about his crazy family life growing up, issues surrounding immigration, and the violent realities of gang life. Later they discuss the success of Cypress Hill, being a cannabis activist, and discovering there was more to life than being in a street gang.

Source: Youtube