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Big Reds in the Assateague Surf


By Scott Lenox

Big Reds in the Assateague Surf

Click the vid for the Daily Catch at Sunset Marina.

Not a whole bunch of reporting coming in today with the strong south wind and the potential for strong storms this evening.  I didn’t hear of any damage, but we did get some heavy rain in areas, lighting and thunder was pretty close and David Weller took this crazy photo of a funnel shaped cloud moving toward the water tornado style in the Ocean City Inlet around 7:42 PM.  David and his crew made it back to shore safely…thanks for the awesome pic!

I didn’t get many reports today, but one of the reports that I did get was a good one…..from Gary Savage!

What started out as a gorgeous beach weekend turned into an unbelievable fishing weekend. The weather turned less than desirable Sunday but reds showed up and it was Christmas in July! Glen caught his first red ever at 47″, Congratulations hoss! I landed one at 45″. Heather and Tracy had a double hookup and each landed one at 45″, Congratulations to Heather on her first red ever. Ray Ray hooked up and landed one at 47″. Then Bri caught and released her first big red ever at 44″, Congratulations Bri!!

Donnie Heinbaugh sent me this photo of a nice 21″ flounder he caught from the north sea wall of the Ocean City Inlet at night.

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Source: News Ocean City Maryland Coast Dispatch Newspaper