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Big Thresher Shark for Day 2 of The 2021 Mako Mania



By Scott Lenox

Big Thresher Shark for Day 2 of The 2021 Mako Mania

The 2021 Mako Mania Tournament is under way this weekend at Bahia Marina with 30 boats signed up that are vying for around $85,000 in prize money.  The reason there was no Day 1 action is because zero of the 30 boats fished day one thanks to the terrible ocean conditions.   That made this a fish 2 of 2 day event with action today and tomorrow.  Scales are open at Bahia Marina from 3:30 to 7:30 again tomorrow so stop on by and say hi and see any sharks that get weighed in.  Here are the fish that were weighed today.

Bluefish 1st and 2nd Place.  Reel Obsession.   4 pounds and 10 pounds

Thresher Shark.  Reel Fun.   1st Place.   410 pounds. Thanks to Dave Messick for the shot.

It was another good day of tuna fishing in the offshore canyons for boats that weren’t fishing the Mako Mania.  The Spring Mix II with Captain Chris Watkowski had their three “under” bluefins and a bonus yellowfin.

The Reel Chaos with Captain Anthony Matarese had a nice day putting their anglers on their three “under” bluefin tuna.  Thanks to Sunset Marina for the pic.

Captain Willie Zimmerman of the RoShamBo was dialed in to the tunas again today putting his anglers on some nice fish for the box.

Captain Jeremy Blunt of the Wrecker had a great day of fishing for his anglers when he put them on three “under” bluefins and a nice pile of blueline and golden tilefish.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported a good day of fishing with plenty of fat sea bass around the rail and a nice bonus flounder.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star had a boat limit of sea bass today….for everyone that was able to fish.

Such a swell day..
Well, yes, we had a great bite in calm weather – that was swell too; but I mean there was a SWELL.
The number of anglers not participating in today’s angling, however, was sorely disproportional to the swell’s severity. It was a really nice day with a little SSE heave on.
(Could work a tactless pun in there too, will press on instead.)
Too bad about the mal de mer. Everyone who did fish bagged out. Even the sea sickers’ box had 30-some in it – and that with precious little participation on their part.  A bit of luck they still may not understand; there will be a fish fry in their near future..
‘Jigmaster’ Tom gave today’s reef blocks a shove. Must have been good luck cause he was on a roll – boxed his limit first and had a near jumbo grade of fish.
Gerald Eldreth, however, caught the day’s largest  for the pool.

The water in the back bay was D. I. R. T. Y. today on the outgoing tide and flounder fishing had to be tough.  My wife Kristen and I left the flounder rods at home and decided to chuck some Thing A Ma JIGs at the route 50 bridge instead.  We had fun catching and releasing some short rockfish and one fat fish that I had to measure that went 26 1/2″.

While we were out we ran into Big Bird Cropper and Shawn Flaherty who had just dredged up two keeper rockfish of 28″ on Stretch lures at the route 50 bridge.

Kern Ducote was fishing with Mike Quade when he was surprised by this stud 25″ weakfish (grey trout) while fishing behind Assateague Island.  Mike was able to land two keeper flounder on the trip as well that went 16.5″ and 18″.

Captain Marc Spagnola of Dusk to Dawn Bowfishing is having great luck both day and night for his shooters.  Folks are hitting the mark on cow nosed and southern rays.

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