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Black Midi: Folly, Fear, and HELLFIRE (plus: Lizzo's Ridiculous Return) | feat. AdequateEmily!

by DrewLUD

This week we are thrilled to be joined once again by the wonderful AdequateEmily to discuss the ostentatious, delightfully absurd, heady maximalism of Black Midi’s highly-hyped new record HELLFIRE – but how does Hellfire hold up? We also discuss the thoroughly bonkers new album Special from late ’10s pop sensation Lizzo, explore the weird and wild oeuvre of Marilyn Manson, check in on new efforts from Jack White, Interpol, Gospel, and Ghais Guevera, and much much more! It’s a jam-packed episode filled with insights and musings on some of the year’s wildest music so far.

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0:00 Intro
3:11 The Marilyn Manson Question
12:16 World’s End Girlfriend Combines Post-Rock and Glitch
15:56 Gospel’s Amazing New EP
18:03 Jake Gets Into Ichiko Aoba
21:04 The Underrated Solo Career of Greg Puciato
24:48 New Albums from Jack White and Interpol
30:24 MF DOOM’s Best Side Project?
34:21 Emily’s Recs: Ghais Guevera & Stomach Book
42:34 Lizzo – Special
1:12:37 Black Midi – Hellfire
1:50:00 Outro

Music Discussed In WWBLT:

Marilyn Manson – Antichrist Superstar
World’s End Girlfriend – Hurtbreak Wonderland
Gospel – New EP With the Long Ass Title
Ichiko Aoba – Windswept Adan
Greg Puciato – Child Soldier Creator of God
Jack White – Entering Heaven Alive
Interpol – The Other Side of Make Believe
King Geedorah – Take Me to Your Leader
Ghais Guevara – There Will Be No Super-Slave
Stomach Book – Stomach Book
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