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Bluetech Innovation and Investing

by DrewLUD

This program is part of Impact Entrepreneur’s Building an Impact Economy Webinar Series. For more information, visit www.impactalchemist.com. Subscribe to our channel to be notified when new programs are posted.

About this program:

As emphasized in SDG 14, the stresses on the world’s oceans are growing. Our climate is changing as global populations rapidly approach 8 billion people, with over 40% of them living near the coast. Demand for marine-based food continues to increase and the sea is also being used in new ways – from ocean farming to large-scale energy generation. The OECD estimates the size of the Blue Economy at over $1.5 trillion and on track to double by 2030. This combination of factors presents an acute need – as well as an opportunity – for new, scalable technologies and ventures that improve ocean sustainability.

We are starting to see parallels to the macro drivers and global trends that launched Cleantech over 20 years ago and Food & Agriculture venture innovation about 10 years ago. Blue Economy spending and investment is increasing in a range of opportunities, including the decarbonization and electrification of shipping and ports, expansion of the aquaculture industry, and demand for marine renewable energy, coastal resiliency, “smart” urban waterfronts, and ocean biodegradable plastics. Just imagine the opportunities that apply to 71% earth’s surface when it is catching up to state-of-the-art technologies adapted from 29% of the surface. In the last few years, ocean specific incubators, angel investment groups, and VC funds have started to leap at the chance to make a good profit while supporting innovations with strong environmental and social impact.

During this program, organized in partnership with SeaAhead, we discuss:

How startup incubators, like SeaAhead’s BlueSwell program, can support the growth of bluetech entrepreneurs and open innovation for the ocean

The perspective of an entrepreneur whose company has the potential to disrupt aquaculture supply chains by producing a sustainable, alternative feed

What Angel Investors are looking for when they decide to invest in this nascent space

The role that later stage investment is playing in the ocean technology ecosystem

Adaptation of land-based technologies to ocean-based challenges and the overlap of investment opportunities