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Capital Gazette shooter criminally responsible for deadly attack



The gunman who shot his way into a Maryland newsroom three years ago and killed five people there was not legally insane when he carried out the attack, a jury found Thursday.

The verdict, issued after the jury deliberated for less than an hour, means that the shooter will serve his sentence for the murders in prison rather than in a state hospital.

The shooter, 41-year-old Jarrod Ramos, claimed in court that he was not criminally responsible — Maryland’s version of the insanity defense — when he carried out the mass shooting at the offices of the Capital Gazette, Annapolis’s daily newspaper.

But the jury sided with the prosecution, finding that Ramos was criminally responsible. The verdict means jurors did not believe that Ramos had such a severe mental disorder that he was unable to understand that his actions were wrong or to follow the law.

A memorial for Capital Gazette sports writer John McNamara is displayed at a seat in the press box before a game between the Baltimore Orioles and the Los Angeles Angels Friday in Baltimore. McNamara is one of five victims in a shooting in the newspaper’s newsroom Thursday in Annapolis, Md.

The sanity trial reached a quick conclusion after three weeks of often intense testimony in an Annapolis courtroom.

Jurors saw videos and photographs from inside the newsroom after Ramos went on his deadly rampage there, and heard competing testimony from experts who offered differing views on Ramos’s mental health.

Defense experts concluded that Ramos has a combination of autism spectrum disorder, delusional disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder that led him to become dangerously focused on the Capital Gazette in the years before the attack.


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