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Catie Ryan Balagtas | Biophilic Design for Health and Well-being

by DrewLUD

Biophilic design is the creation of spaces, places and products that offer meaningful connections with nature for the betterment of a population’s health and wellbeing. This session will focus on nurturing an understanding of the science and patterns of biophilic design. The 15 patterns of biophilic design will be introduced, as will a series of experiential themes including prospect-refuge, psychoacoustics, and alliesthesia. It will explore what it means to prioritize biophilic design patterns for targeted experiences and health outcomes; a few case studies of diverse building and user types will be presented, as will an overview of design process tools for crafting an experiential narrative. While biophilic design is often associated with interior and building design, it can also be utilized to guide urban design and green infrastructure for public health and community resiliency. As such, building and community scale examples will be shared.

About the Speaker:

Catie is the Director of Projects and a technical specialist at Terrapin with eighteen years of experience in design and environmental sustainability. Her specialization is in human health in the built environment at the intersection of nature, neuroscience and architecture. Catie is first and foremost a strategist for integrative process development, planning and design. She has co-authored multiple industry leading publications on biophilic design. Catie is also co-founder, CEO and Chief Innovation Officer at SouthFARM, a demonstration site in a provincial region of the Philippines. The initiative is a conduit for adaptable best practices from affluent economies that often take decades to filter over to less industrialized countries. Her work is to identify appropriate information and scalable demonstrations for farmers and community leaders to feel empowered to make positive change for their families and constituents, respectfully.

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