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CHANGE STARTS HERE: An Earth Day Celebration

by DrewLUD

0:00 Program begins shortly
1:53 Welcome
12:29 Beatrice Lempaira and Jennifer Morris on “Bead Works”
30:01 Justin Long and Catherine Schloegel on restoring forests
37:33 A message from Coyote Peterson
38:22 Cashawn Myers and Jennifer Morris on “HABESHA”
51:27 Cooking demonstration with Mike Wironen
57:37 A message from Bill Nye
58:26 A special performance by Aloe Blacc
1:04:22 Dr. Nalini Nadkarni and Jennifer Morris on conservation and empowering young girls
1:22:02 Kosis Ifeji and Victoria Wu on climate activism
1:28:57 A message from Martha Stewart
1:30:11 Aliya Jasmine Sonavi and Jennifer Morris on environmental journalism
1:46:12 Danni Washington and Ashlee Lillis on ocean health
1:52:16 A message from Ashlan and Philippe Cousteau
1:53:16 Julie Robinson and Jennifer Morris on TNC’s work in Belize

Co-hosted by CEO Jennifer Morris and Chief Scientist Katharine Hayhoe, our Earth Day event celebrates today’s environmental heroes, features a musical performance by Aloe Blacc and includes appearances from Danni Washington, Justin Long, Bill Nye, Martha Stewart and more.

Source: Youtube