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Day 1 at the Ocean City Marlin Club Kid’s Classic Tournament



By Scott Lenox

Day 1 at the Ocean City Marlin Club Kid’s Classic Tournament

Today was the first day of the Ocean City Marlin Club’s Kid’s Classic Tournament and it was a busy day at the scales.  This is an awesome event that’s all about kids catching fish and I’m glad that me and my family get to participate.  My son Ryan and his buddy Niland Gallo fished today and though they didn’t catch anything to get to the scales they did do a great job and have a great time catching a whole bunch of croaker and some throwback flounder.  Tomorrow we’re back at it so wish us luck!

Here are the standings after one day of two days for the OCMC Kid’s Classic.  Congratulations to all of the Jr anglers and thanks to Amanda Shick for the pics!

Outside of the Kid’s Classic it was a pretty good day of flounder fishing the back bay for the inshore charter guys.  Captain Jason Mumford of Lucky Break had a nice day with seven keeper fish over 16 1/2″.

Not to be outdone, Captain John Prather of Ocean City Guide Service put his crew on seven keeper flounder as well.

Captain Wayne Blanks of Bayside Guide Service had some croaker action like we did and he also found this 20″ keeper flounder for his young angler.

It was a “tough” bite for bottom fishes in the ocean today, but the fleet still got it done with some nice flounder and sea bass.  Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler had several keeper flounder on today’s trip and some tasty sea bass as well.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star reported that it was a tough one as well, but he’s good so….

It all started at the first red light in my morning commute. Saturday a.m. traffic much heavier than most of our resort town mornings; sakes, must have already seen 6 or 8 vehicles time I’d caught the short side of a long yellow. Was grinding my teeth in anguish when I realized half of em were missing – still home soaking.. 

No pictures of me today. 

Same for some of my clients. 

Tough Day! 

Hey, Sampson had his hair.. 

Fussiest dagone sea bass bite I’ve seen in a loooong time. 

No survey boat’s factual impact, no Hurricane Murray—& forgetting my partial sure didn’t have a dern thing to do with it either.  Just a tough bite. 

Even a hard day of fishing has its bright spots though. Real bright for a couple folks.. Some clients, in fact, held their own. After Gina C of Port Deposit shoved 20 blocks over atop a reef I’ve worked on close to a decade, we ran considerably further. Mark O had three decent fluke and a slug of throwbacks. There were other keepers around the rail. For a while the day seemed as though it was a fluke trip. Chris F of Colbrokdale PA was high man with 11 sea bass. A trend of late, Chris also took everyone’s “sea bass only” pool money. 

Even snuck a trigger in plus a handful of cutlass fish. 

(BTW – if you don’t see a pretty red bow on one of those long shiny dudes – it’s a cutlass. Ribbonfish literally have a red ribbon..) 

Looks like I may have picked a good time to try a flounder trip tomorrow. Will see what happens with that. 

Probably this – Sea bass will bite the bottom off the boat.. 

I won’t mind so long as morning traffic isn’t too heavy. 

Cheers All, 


Captain Marc Spagnola of Dusk to Dawn Bowfishing has had a good last couple of days of shooting for his peeps putting them on rays and hound fish both day and night.

Yesterday the crew of the Boss Hogg had a nice yellowfin tuna and a not so often caught out of Ocean City sailfish.

Captain Ron Callis on board Turnin’ Fins had a good day with the tunas today going 7 yellowfin for 15 bites.  And in the immortal words of Captain Quint…..The sharks took the rest.

Shawn Flaherty kayaked over to Assateague Island this evening and found some grey trout while casting Big Bird’s World Famous Roy Rig.


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