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Day 2 at The 2021 Poor Girls Open



By Scott Lenox

Day 2 at The 2021 Poor Girls Open

We saw 49 of the 155 boats registered for this year’s Captain Steve Harman Poor Girls Open fish today and it was another good day of fishing.  There wasn’t a lot of shake up on the leaderboard, but there were plenty of releases and plenty of tuna fish brought to the dock at Bahia Marina.  We also saw a few more wahoo and some mahi and the ladies had a great time once again.  Tomorrow there will be 72 boats left to fish so it should be a busy day at the scales.  Here are your leaders after two days of fishing.

Junior Angler

Playmate.    45.8 Pound Tuna


3rd Place.    Sea Wolf.    9.3 Pounds

2nd Place.    Blood Money.    9.4 Pounds

1st Place Roll Groove.    19.3 Pounds


3rd Place.    Bent Tent.    43 Pounds

2nd Place.    Bubblehead.     47.5 Pounds

1st Place.    Nauti Norwegian.    65.5 Pounds


3rd Place.    Southern C’s.    59.6 Pounds

2nd Place.    Nauti Norwegian.    60.7 Pounds

Talkin’ Trash.    162.7 Pounds

Billfish Release

3rd  Place.    Billfisher.    1 Blue Marlin.    5 White Marlin

2nd Place.    Blood Money.    9 White Marlin

1st Place     Big Stick.    1 Blue Marlin.    8 White Marlin

Captain Mike Burt and the crew of Pumpin’ Hard had a nice day for his lady anglers putting them on a nice tuna fish and four white marlin releases.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported a little more wind than expected today, but he was still able to find some nice flounder and sea bass for his crew.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star reported the light wind forecast was wrong today, but it was still plenty fishable.

Forecast perfect today – light SSW – Gorgeous   ..and wrong. 

Fair saucy really. Plenty fishable though. 

No block unit this day. Will have a new tractor trailer load here shortly – Thanks York Building Products &  David Bauer for restocking our daily reef building effort!  Block drops are the smallest part of our reef building efforts. Have several major projects popping too. All in grand fashion for our tiny non-profit, (ocreefs.org) but now is the very beginning of one reefing effort I’m especially proud of — OCRF’s Bluewater Restoration Pyramid Project. 

I often think of friend and real life hero, Henry Koellin, when I think of Maryland’s marine reef building. Not for the flame thrower Henry carried on Iwo Jima, but that he used to say: “Wishbone won’t replace the backbone”.. Never more true where our marine fisheries & reef restoration efforts are concerned.  

I’ll post more on this effort tonight if I can muster the energy. 


Had an OK day of sea bassing – and spotted not a single mahi. 

Though all had plenty for dinner, Sea Bass Bob landed our only limit today. 

Bill H of Wilmington DE pocketed everyone’s pool money though I surely thought young Ms. Alissa was going to bump him. 

If “the most distant Benthic/Pelagic coupling in the Mid-Atlantic is the bond between white marlin & oysters” gets your attention, please know I’m working on shortening that distance. What it was in 1950 would be good. 

More to follow! 

Randy Swain sr, Randy Swain jr, Louden Swain, John Sonner, Rick Valenzia, Russ coward, and Rick kramer had a great day today with a limit of flounder up to 4 pounds on ocean structure.

Andre Molloek and Tim Morris caught a bunch of nice flounder today and weighed them in at Lewes Harbour Marina in Lewes, DE.

Bentley Heckrote was fishing with his family in the Old Grounds when he landed this 26”, 5lb flounder and Zach Riggi was fishing with minnows in Indian River Bay when he caught flounder up to 19”.  Photos at Rick’s Bait and Tackle.


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