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Delaware sues Monsanto over PCBs contamination cleanup

by DrewLUD

Monsanto, the Missouri-based agrochemical and biotechnological company, found itself facing more legal trouble Wednesday after Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings filed a suit alleging prolonged contamination in state waters.

The lawsuit, filed in Delaware Superior Court, alleges Monsanto and its subsidiaries Solutia Inc. and Pharmacia LLC knew as early as 1937 that polychlorinated biphenyls had systemic toxic effects on humans and animals.

The suit also claims Monsanto “not only understood, but actively promoted the fact that PCBs do not naturally break down; and continued to manufacture, market and sell PCBs despite full awareness of these dangers.”

The state also seeks to recover damages and cleanup costs associated with PCBs.

Actionable claims

A waterway in Rehoboth Beach is shown in this file photo.

“The vast majority of this PCB contamination throughout Delaware is a result of the actions of one company: Monsanto. Between 1935 and 1977, Monsanto was the only company in the United States to manufacture PCBs for widespread commercial use,” state court documents. 

Documents also stipulate Monsanto widely distributed PCBs across the state in products such as electrical equipment, lighting ballasts, paint and caulking.

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