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Don't do a Deck!

by DrewLUD

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Don’t do a Deck

How’s that for a landscape video title? What exterior design/build company CEO tells people why you should not do a deck? That would be me, the Outdoor Living Guy. Paradise Restored is a family. Our entire team promotes the satisfaction of our homeowners and that is why I would not recommend getting a deck; when you become a part of our family, we are going to be up front you. I think you‘ll be blown away by what we did in this job and why you should do a patio instead of a deck. We’ll show you the transformation of a tired backyard deck, where we didn’t recommend building a new deck. I encouraged them to, “change your deck to patio pavers.”

You’ll be shocked at the finish line and how beautiful it turned out. Enjoy the transformation.

The question, “Should we keep the deck comes up all the time.” The answer, “Emphatically, no!” I want to show you why in this video. Rule #1, when a deck is close to the house, let’s say a single level house and it steps four steps down to a hard surface, don’t put a deck in that situation. There are other solutions like pavers vs deck – we’ll discuss in this video. And stay tuned to the very end ’cause I’m going to give you some bonus material. Other jobs of why you should not get a deck patio design. I hope you enjoy these decks to paver patio ideas and hope it will save you some money.

So, a quick little reminder on these outdoor living spaces . . . don’t jump ahead and do it because you think you know . . . talk to experts in outdoor design. Decks are outdated and a no-deck outdoor living design is a better look while allowing better flow to your property. Especially, don’t do a deck on a single level home.

I want to promote a design first to help you get it all figured out in a 3D World so you can realize the finish line before your start. We would love to help you see your whole space – the house, door, windows, and your completed outdoor living space in a design plan. There are plenty of no-deck backyard ideas in our portfolio

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