Home Weather Videos Finishing the Chesapeake Bay (Cruising to the start of the C&D Canal and Chesapeake City )

Finishing the Chesapeake Bay (Cruising to the start of the C&D Canal and Chesapeake City )

by DrewLUD

After a long (for us) break off of Pivot, we are leaving Kent Narrows for the top of the Bay! Unfortunately, either because we are rusty or because its just one of those days, we were the “show”. Two almost disastrous docking situations in the Narrows before almost colliding with a Catamaran at anchor led this day to be one to remember, and not in the best terms!

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Jennifer and Elliot

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🎥 Episode #261 | Filmed on June 2nd, 2022
🇺🇸 America’s Great Loop | Kent Narrows, Maryland
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