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First Flounder of the 2021 Season

by DrewLUD


By Scott Lenox

First Flounder of the 2021 Season

The wait is over!  The highly anticipated first flounder of the season has been caught in Ocean City, MD and now flounder fishermen like myself will be hitting our bays on a regular basis looking for more of the delicious flat fish.  I got the email today at 2:31 PM with the subject line…..First Flounder.  The email was from Eli Hasco and read, “While trolling in the thorofare today we caught a 16.5” flounder. Water depth was 5 feet with the temp around 55 degrees.  White gulp with chartreuse deadly double.”  Angler: Todd Hasco.  I admit I was a little jealous at first because I was in the exact same spot with the exact same rig yesterday and the day before, but I never got the bite.  My buddy Mike G was also a little jealous…and relieved…as he has been trying hard to catch the first flounder over the past few weeks.  This marks the second time in the last three years that our Fish in OC Dale Timmons’ Deadly Double in chartreuse baited with a white gulp has caught the first flounder of the season in Ocean City.  Two years ago my wife Kristen caught the first on the exact same rig in 8′ of water behind Assateague Island.  Butch Walter caught the first last year earlier than ever when he used a white Gulp in the Thorofare on March 15.  Congratulations to Todd and Eli on the first flounder of the season.  I’m sure there will be many more to come their way this season!

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Captain Marc Spagnola of Dusk to Dawn Bowfishing is back on the water shooting stuff and last night he had an epic trip with the invasive Northern snakehead.  Captain Marc had some great shooters on board last night and they hit their mark (no pun intended) on several very nice snakeheads.  If you like bowfishing in a very cool setting for some good eating fish this is a trip for you.

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