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Gordy Hill | Mill House Podcast – Episode 44

by DrewLUD

Dr. Gordy Hill is one of the most remarkable men I’ve ever met! He was literally a pioneer in both the medical and fly fishing world. He was the 6th surgeon to perform hip replacements and at one time had done more hip replacement surgeries than anyone. He was nominated for a Nobel prize in medicine when he and Dr. Roger Haugen figured out how to successfully process a patients own blood for an infusion. This was monumental at the time because of the aids crisis.

Gordy was not one of the first, but the first person to run his skiff behind Big Pine.
His life in fishing was as large as his medical career. He was a global fisherman who captured a variety of great fish including large swordfish and marlin, and still holds a 15 pound world record bonefish caught in the Bahamas.

Joe Brooks and his father, Pop Hill, were his mentors. His early tackle consisted of silk fly lines and gut leaders. He loved fishing alone and stood on the engine cowling to pole his skiff.

Yes, Dr. Gordy Hill is one of our sports living legends, and at 91 (next month) he still has a memory bank sharper than a steak knife! We hope you all enjoy this one!
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