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Great white shark encounters boat during Ocean City tournament



A great white shark encountered a boat fishing in Ocean City’s Mako Mania Shark Tournament on Sunday. 

The shark, which was estimated at 12 feet, was spotted by Bahia Marina Capt. Brandon Miller and the crew of the Miller Time, according to Scott Lenox of Fish in OC. 

The great white came inches from the boat and entered the crew’s chum slick while biting and hanging on to a tuna carcass. It was spotted at the 20 fathom fingers off of Ocean City and swam away unharmed, according to Lenox. 

Miller Time did not have a catch that made the leader board during the tournament. 

The Mako Mania is a mako shark tournament with added entry levels for bluefish and thresher shark. The event is traditionally the start of the tournament season in Ocean City.

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Great whites sightings have not been uncommon in recent years. 

In July 2020, an estimated 18-foot shark was seen several miles off the coast. Fishermen also caught two great whites just a mile out from the Ocean City beach in October 2019. 


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