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How Fenwick’s new council plans to fill vacancies in staff, council

by DrewLUD


Almost every seat was filled in the town hall conference room as the new Fenwick Island Town Council met for the first time on Friday, with additional people chiming in from a video call.

Showers of applause intermittently broke out during the meeting, and some nodded their heads in support as the new council members introduced themselves.

And yet, it was clear that this new leadership was emerging from rocky beginnings.

Following a slew of resignations – including the town manager, town solicitor, two council members and more than a dozen committee members – Mayor Vicki Carmean said the new council is not deterred.

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“I suppose all these people who have resigned thought we would not be able to move forward,” she said. “But each day we’re making progress.”

The council has already made strides toward its goals, including unanimously approving a motion to restore the words “quiet resort” to the town seal, and changing the process for public participation so that people have the opportunity to comment immediately before each vote.

Four new Fenwick Island Town Council members were sworn in on Friday, Aug. 20. From left: Paul Breger, Janice Bortner, Natalie Magdeburger and Jacqueline Napolitano.

Members also approved the first reading of an amendment that would set new height restrictions for commercial buildings, making those requirements consistent with residential buildings. 

Typically that amendment would then go to the Charter and Ordinance Committee, but several vacancies led the council to temporarily suspend all committee activities.

At least 15 committee members have resigned over the last few weeks, according to a list compiled by former Council Member Bill Weistling. Because several of these members sat on more than one committee, a “number of committees” now have zero members or very few, said Council Secretary Natalie Magdeburger.


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