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Hurricane Forecast Discussion, Update on Larry, How long will the Quiet Period Last

by DrewLUD

While major hurricane Larry has winds hanging steady at 125 mph, that category status. We have a bit of a lull coming in I believe that will last for about a couple of weeks and then we could see even a bigger spike in tropical activity than what we had before. But the question is why are we going to see a break in the Atlantic hurricane season and why will it get very active in mid to late September. I have all of those details in the video.

YouTube Video Timestamps:
0:00 – Intro/Promotion
0:45 – Latest IR Imagery on Larry
2:31 – Water Vapor Imagery on Larry
4:36 – National Hurricane Center on Larry
7:41 – GFS 850mb Vorticity Forecast
12:35 – ECMWF 850mb Vorticity Forecast
14:27 – MJO Forecast
16:15 – Understanding how the MJO works
23:04 – Outro/Promotion

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