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July 21, 2021 OPA Board regular meeting

by DrewLUD

Call to Order – Larry Perrone, President

Pledge of Allegiance – All

Approval of Agenda – Board https://youtu.be/t8CRo497r1I?t=28

Approval of Minutes https://youtu.be/t8CRo497r1I?t=128

June 16, 2021 – Regular Meeting

President’s Remarks – Larry Perrone, President https://youtu.be/t8CRo497r1I?t=152

Presentation – Bernie McGorry, Strategic Planning Committee co-chair https://youtu.be/t8CRo497r1I?t=484

GM Report – John Viola https://youtu.be/t8CRo497r1I?t=1056

Treasurer’s Report – Doug Parks https://youtu.be/t8CRo497r1I?t=2858

Public Comments https://youtu.be/t8CRo497r1I?t=3068

Capital Purchases Requests – https://youtu.be/t8CRo497r1I?t=3414

Golf – Triplex Mower

Public Works – Golf Course Bulkhead Replacement

CPI Violations – None

Unfinished Business – None

New Business –

First Reading – Resolution C-06 Revisions – Colette Horn https://youtu.be/t8CRo497r1I?t=4119

Motion – Matt Ortt Companies contract extension https://youtu.be/t8CRo497r1I?t=4189

Appointments – https://youtu.be/t8CRo497r1I?t=4315

Mary Louise Flanagan – 1st Term – Recreation & Parks

Adjournment https://youtu.be/t8CRo497r1I?t=4334

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