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By Scott Lenox

Keeper Doubles Down Pat

Looks like we’ll be seeing a little weather come this way with the remnants of now tropical storm Elsa as she moves toward the U.S.  It doesn’t look like a big deal, but it is something to keep an eye on and it doesn’t look to impact the Ocean City Tuna Tournament which starts this Friday.  Today’s weather was gorgeous and the fishing was fantastic.

I got to spend the day on board the Morning Star with Captain Monty Hawkins and mates Brian and Victor and it was an awesome day!  I was joined by my son Ryan and his buddies from Worcester Prep Dillon Scopp and Owen West and we had an incredible time catching our limit of 60 sea bass.  We had several “keeper double” (two keepers on the same rig) and lots of big fish to about 19″.  Captain Monty let the boys drop blocks on my dear departed friend Jack Kauffer’s Memorial Reef which was super cool for me and Vic untangled lines and coached them through catching their limit.  I caught my first sea bass on a jig and then promptly caught a double keeper on the same jig.  It was an awesome trip!  Here is is in Captain Monty’s words…

Scott Lenox had called looking to put together an episode of “Hooked on OC” – Could I help?
Had room on National Hangover Day. Sure Scott, C’mon..
His youthful crew pushed 20 blocks over at Capt Jack Kaeufer’s Memorial Reef and off we went.
Stunning ocean vista by midday; almost what pilots call CAVU (Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited.)
Nice when it happens.
Bite was nice too. Put some limits in the boat. Ryan Lenox was first. Ladies continued their pool winning streak when Natalia Byrd of OCMD boated a serious dandy.
Just a fine day in July..
(reef letter at bottom of report)

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler was fishing the rip today too and had a nice day with lots of sea bass and plenty of keeper flounder coming over the rail.

Captain Victor Bunting of the Ocean Princess reported good fishing today as well with some keeper doubles and at least one big keeper flounder.

Tipsy Tiki Captains Kern Decote and Jeremy Michalski fished the African Queen wreck today and had flounder from 17″ to 21″ and sea bass up to 16″.

Captain Wayne Blanks of the Bayside Guide Service had a very nice morning with keeper rockfish of 29″ and 31″.

Captain Jason Mumford of Lucky Break had a nice trip today that ended with three keeper flounder and a speckled trout in the fish box.

Captain Chase Eberle of Chasin’ Tides Charters showed this angler a good time at the route 50 bridge catching and releasing some schoolie rockfish.

Dan Moyer sent this photo in of a keeper flounder caught on the Fish in OC Dale Timmon’s Deadly Double.

Ben Sterling used the Fish in OC Deadly Double in chartreuse with white Gulp to land two 20″ flounder back to back while fishing the route 50 bridge during the incoming tide.

Big Bird Cropper found this stud “chopper” bluefish while casting Roy Rigs in the shallows at the route 50 bridge.

Captain Marc Spagnola of Dusk to Dawn Bowfishing found some clean water and put his shooters on some cow nosed ray action.

Captain Willie Zimmerman of the RoShamBo had a great day of trolling the canyons today putting his anglers on 8 very nice yellowfin tuna.

Paul Reyburn of JPR Rods had a great day aboard the Finstatic with the crew putting four yellowfin tuna on the dock at the Ocean City Fishing Center.

Mike and Mikey Pitarra had a good day fishing on board the Lucky Duck out of Sunset Marina with the Boykins and put some yellowfin tuna and tilefish in the boat.

Ocean City Reef Foundation News from Captain Monty

Maryland is the only coastal state from NY to TX without a state marine artificial reef program. When reef funding was pulled back in 1997 I was among a handful of cheerleaders in the Nichols family’s ear to start a tax exempt foundation for reef building. Sure glad they did..
I took the helm about a decade ago. Follow along with me on Facebook with Rachel on Instagram: we get as much reef built as funding allows.

Right now donors are choosing charts a lot, but we also have a raffle that’s vital to this year’s success.
With prizes every Sunday, I’ve been telling OC Reef Foundation Benelli Reef Raffle players that I’d give away a Shimano Trevala Rod and Diawa Saltist 15H my crew & I donated for Fourth of July’s weekly drawing. Then while most of the local populace was bemoaning OC’s cancelled fireworks, I “rested my eyes” a minute after dinner ..and woke long after the last homespun fireworks display had gone off. A July 5th drawing will have to do!
Really is a sweet rod & reel. I’ll pull a winner tonight and for two reef t-shirts as well.
Each week’s winning tickets aren’t pitched – they go right back in the barrel to possibly win again. Win three t-shirts and it’s a sweat.
After that? Start over!
You can buy raffle tics at Raceway Citgo or online at ocreefs.org – if online I’ll fill em out and email you a pic before dropping them in with the others.

When I say “Vital”, I mean it.
Have had several calls of late with offers of reef material—barges especially. Even if contributed—a free barge (rare!), it takes coin to get it here and sunk.
A lot of coin.

Yes, I pour effort into our reef building. That effort is but a wish and a whistle without funding.
It would take $150,000.00 or more to sink what we have available to us now.
If donations don’t catch an updraft several of those barges are going to the scrapyard instead.
Let’s Build Some Reef!
Coming to our weekly drawings: AllTackle in West O just donated a perfect Avet SJX conventional reel – perfect for our reef fishing. Niki at Optical Galleria just donated a pair of their “Hook” sunglasses. I personally tested them against three national brands – hands down a better lens. And that in a harsh afternoon sun approaching the inlet.. Brian Mullhausen is donating a custom rod he’s building – Sea Bass Bob donated a brand new 7.5’ St.Croix trigger rod; it’s one of my life-long favorite models.
More coming! And the grand prize drawing New Year’s Day? As beautiful an over/under shotgun as has ever been made – the Benelli 828U in 12Ga..
And, unbelievably, (Thanks Niko!,) last year’s top prize was donated back, a Benelli Model 2 Semiauto from their Performance Shop in 12 Ga,
either sporting arm might be first or second choice of this year’s winner..
Play the raffle!
Cheers Y’all!


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