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Labor board sides with union, vote remove invalid

by DrewLUD


The union at Mountaire Farms in Selbyville will remain there after an employee sought to decertify it last year, prompting a yearlong National Labor Relations Board review.

Oscar Cruz Sosa submitted a petition seeking to stop United Food and Commercial Workers Local 27 from representing about 1,000 Selbyville employees early last year. Sosa, who has not been available for interviews, received free legal aid from the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation.

UFCW Local 27 called the case a “right-wing effort to strip union rights away from Mountaire Farms employees” and said that over the past year, “Mountaire Farms pressured workers to decertify their union membership, holding captive audience meetings with anti-union messages during the height of the pandemic.”

The union will remain at Mountaire's Selbyville processing plant.

“The petition was entirely employee-driven and reflects the desire of employees to be given a choice regarding union representation,” Mountaire said in a June 2020 news release.

The union argued the vote to oust them, triggered by Cruz’s petition, was prohibited by the labor board’s “contract bar” policy. 

The contract bar, which the union said has four decades of labor law precedent, blocks workers from holding a decertification vote for up to three years after a collective bargaining agreement is reached.


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