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Lewes mobile home park untreated wastewater surfaces



The smell is the least of their concerns.  

Residents of Donovan Smith Mobile Home Park in Lewes say the untreated wastewater surfacing above an older septic system in the center of the park affects the environment, their safety and their quality of life.  

“This place started out as travel trailers and weekenders. They didn’t need a big septic unit,” said resident Samuel Saunders. “Now people live here full time and these tanks won’t hold that. It bubbles up and it’s bad.” 

The park owner, Donovan-Smith MHP LLC, was issued a notice of violation from the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control on July 8 for unauthorized discharge to groundwater. According to the notice, the park never renewed their septic system permit  after it expired in 2008 and has been operating without one since.


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Source: GANNETT Syndication Service