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by DrewLUD


Welcome aboard the London’s iconic double decker bus.

🎬 Shot from the upper deck of the bus 🚌 to give my viewers a real-time experience.

This video is pre-recorded. A collection of various bus journeys.


100% Live is not possible due to liability and legal issues. As you can’t predict what is round the corner, if some unfortunate incident takes place, that would be a direct breach of the Community Guidelines (Violent and Graphic content) and Terms of Services. Also, video quality is compromised.


This is to bring brightness is your lives. As in winter nights here can be as long as 16 Hours. Visibility reduces. You might not enjoy a night journey. Can be dark and depressing. I might bring on some night journeys on special occasion, especially to highlight the nightlife of London amid the beauty of light.

Area covered are mainly East London, Central London, and Pard of South london. When I started streaming in July, I used my videos from my archive. As, I never dreamt or thought of streaming. At first, I didn’t realize what’s going on. But, now I’ve understood my responsibility and have started filming at least 4 times a week. Also, I’ll give detail of date and location of journeys.

I film bus journeys four times a week and update the data at the same time. More surprises to follow. Suggestion invited.

For more information on London transport network, please visit https://tfl.gov.uk/

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Credits to and inspired by – #RailCowGirl

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Filmed in 4K with higher resolution.
I’ve used Iphone XR and dji osmo 3 to achieve the quality.

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