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Lynching memorial marker unveiled in downtown Salisbury



SALISBURY, Md.— Sherrilyn Ifill has a rule about nightmares. 

When her children were small, they’d run into her room in the middle of the night filled with fear from bad dreams.

“I had a rule,” said the NAACP Legal Defense Fund President on Salisbury’s courthouse lawn. “You have to tell me about the nightmare, you have to tell me all the details, because when you speak it — it loses its power.”

A Salisbury event May 22 paid tribute to three of the nation’s over 4,400 reported victims of racial terror lynching from 1877 to 1950. Three young Black men were murdered by white mobs in Wicomico County, Maryland.

LaTanya Christopher during the "Silent No More" event Saturday, May 22, 2021, in downtown Salisbury, Maryland. The event honors Garfield King, Matthew Williams and an unknown man who were lynched in Salisbury.

Saturday afternoon, another crowd would gather downtown, this time to march under the hot sun, erect a monument and honor their stories.

A partnership between the Salisbury Lynching Memorial Task Force and the Equal Justice Initiative, among other local partners, brought the historical marker to Salisbury, set to honor Garfield King, Matthew Williams and one unknown Black man for years to come.

The large plaque now stands at the corner of Main and South Division streets, unveiled in a ceremony that afternoon. 


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