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Meet the dogs able to sniff out alcohol in Maryland prisons

by DrewLUD

Chocolate lab Marley may be nearing retirement age at almost 10 years old, but this working dog still has a few new tricks in him.

His keen sense of smell has been helping to expose contraband in Maryland’s prisons, and alcohol concocted by inmates is the latest addition to the tally of illegal items Marley and other dogs have been tasked with discovering in facilities like Eastern Correctional Institution in Somerset County.

The alcohol detection program is believed to be the first of its kind in the country.

Marley is one of many rescues taken in by the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services’ K-9 Unit — not only saving the state money, but also offering a second chance.

“These are dogs that just would not make it in your home. These are the dogs that like to jump. They’re too rambunctious. They’ve got too much energy. They’ll chew up your couch, and they just need a job. That’s exactly what we give them,” said Major Mark Flynn, who heads up the K-9 unit.

A recent initiative to teach the department’s already working “contraband dogs” to sniff out methanol and ethanol — both products of the prison alcohol-making process — has tripled the K-9 unit’s finds over the past two months compared to the previous two years.

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