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Michael Jordan and Low Profile Hit the Leaderboard on Day 2 of the HUK Big Fish Classic


By Scott Lenox

Michael Jordan and Low Profile Hit the Leaderboard on Day 2 of the HUK Big Fish Classic

We had a super exciting day of scales action for day 2 at the HUK Big Fish Classic that saw a ton of fish weighed that included yellowfin, bigeye and swordfish.  The day was made that much more exciting when NBA legend Michael Jordan and the crew of his Catch 23 arrived and weighed tuna and a nice sword.  MJ didn’t make an appearance at the official scale, but his crew did and it was certainly cool to see him in person at the end of Talbot Street Pier.  Catch 23 currently sits in 2nd place in the swordfish category.

Big Fish Category

3rd Place.    Low Profile.    152.5 Pound Bigeye

2nd Place      Big Stick.     170.5 Pound Swordfish

1st Place      Low Profile      225 Pound Bigeye

Away from the tournament the crew of the Spring Mix II with Captain Chris Watkowski had a good day off the beach putting two yellowfin tuna in the boat and a pile of mahi.  Spring Mix is looking for anglers for a make up trip on August 3 if you’re looking to get offshore.

Louden Swain, Rick Kramer, John Sonner, Steve Weed, Darin Weed and the Randys Swain had a nice day of flounder fishing with a limit of fish.  They had five fish over 5 pounds with one close to seven pounds as well.

Curt Presnell landed his limit of flounder on ocean structure thanks to the help of his fishing partner Ringo.

Rich Daiker used live bunker at the route 50 bridge to land his limit of flounder today.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported more good fishing today with loads of sea bass and a few keeper flounder.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star has been seeing some pretty fishing the past few days and today’s trip was no different.

Overcast morning; no need of sunrise pics nor sunglasses on today’s ride off. Temporarily out of block, but with scads of terracotta pieces Landon from Dundalk made a fine reef drop on an already well-built area – he added more complexity to already good bottom. 

Worked for em today; work that paid off. Was just about to haul anchor when I dropped back anchor line instead. Same marks (a lot of marks/fish on the screens) – just like the ones turning their nose up at us – when they started to chew. I’ll never figure it. Don’t know till you try. 

Ended up with a third of the boat limited and a handful of mahi.  

(C’mon Mahi!!) 

Jigmaster Tom was staring a skunk square in the eye when he at last caught wind. Won the regular pool with a sea bass & our long trip open pool with a mahi. 

Shew.. Twelve hours on the nose and a gorgeous day for it. Monday’s long trip is still wide open. Been some nice fishing on the last two long trips. Call Anna at 443-235-5577 for reservations and spot availability. 

Also had 4 spots open up for tomorrow (Sunday July 31 – 7 to 3 trip) owing more covid. Call Anna before 8 if interested – email me at mhawkins@morningstarfishing.com after 8… 



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