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Missing 411 | National Park Disappearances [Volume 2]

by DrewLUD

Missing 411 is a profile of mysterious commonalities among seemingly unconnected missing persons cases in national parks and forests. It’s been estimated that there are over 1,600 mysterious national park disappearances, and that number has increased dramatically in 2020 and 2021.

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David Paulides, who formulated the Missing 411 profile, has catalogued and researched many of these cases, recording them in his book series Missing 411 and subsequent documentaries. The Missing 411 profile has been featured on Coast to Coast AM and Art Bell’s Midnight in the Desert.

The Missing 411 profile applies to those cases that cannot be explained. They include strange characteristics, such as victims often missing one of both shoes or bodies being recovered in areas that have already been well searched.

Missing 411: National Park Disappearances Volume 2 will examine cases where two individuals have disappeared simultaneously. The three cases that will be examined are those of David Horesay and Frederick Hardisty, Jo Elliott-Blakeslee and Amy Linkert, and Terrence Woods and Connie Johnson.

David Horesay and Frederick Hardisty were two friends who went camping in the Northwest Territories of Canada in 2005. They fled a cabin without their firearms, despite it being well stocked with firewood and food. Their bodies were later recovered miles away with strange burns and no explanation of why they left the safety of the cabin.

Jo Elliott-Blakeslee and Amy Linkert hiked into the Craters of the Moon national park. They left their dogs and hiking supplies in the car, but they never returned. Weeks later Linkert was discovered in a nearby lava flow, and after an additional month, Blakeless was found in an area that had been well-combed by helicopters and canine units.

Terrence Woods disappeared while on a day shoot for David Turin’s Lost Mine for Discovery Channel. Filming near an abandoned mine in Idaho, Woods fled the shoot and disappeared into a nearby treeline. He was never seen again. Connie Johnson disappeared from the same area on the same day. Hunters left her camp but received a message a day later, although they could not understand what she was saying. This was the last time anyone heard from Connie Johnson.

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0:00 – Missing 411 Introduction
3:54 – Case 1: David Horesay and Frederick Hardisty
8:13 – Case 2: Jo Elliott-Blakeslee and Amy Linkert
13:22 – Case 3: Terrence Woods and Connie Johnson

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