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Nice Bigeyes and Good Fishing on a Sloppy Day



By Scott Lenox

Nice Bigeyes and Good Fishing on a Sloppy Day

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The weatherman said the ocean was going to be a little calmer than it really was today, but there were some boats out there and there was some good fishing for some.

Captain Chris Little of the Talkin’ Trash has been on a tuna tear this season and today was no different when he found some very good tunas.  Captain Chris put his crew on a couple of yellowfin tuna and two jumbo bigeyes that weighed in at 198 pounds each.

The crew of the Boss Hogg had a great day offshore today as well with two yellowfin tuna and a limit of tilefish on the dock.

Captain Joe Drosey of Rhonda’s Osprey put this lady angler on a white marlin release on today’s trip.

Captain Jason Mumford of Lucky Break had another good day of fishing inshore today putting his crew on some flounder and a nice rockfish at the route 50 bridge.

Blake Gunther was using the new Fish in OC tog jigs at the south jetty today when he caught a bunch of fish.  Blake and crew had a ton of small tautog, a keeper triggerfish and two real nice sheepshead.  All fish were caught on tog jigs baited with sand fleas.

Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported some “sloppy” conditions today, but he put some guys on some flounder before heading to the barn.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star didn’t enjoy today’s weather conditions, but his clients did enjoy some bottom fish for their coolers.

Oyyyy… Old Shantytown flag told a tale of woe as we departed this morning. I was looking for ten/twelve knots NE increasing to fifteen. Instead? Fifteen increasing to almost exactly twenty NE. 

Near about any wind NE is a pain in the butt. Lot of trips get canceled on a NE forecast. 

Clearing the inlet was finest kind. Just enough north in this morning’s wind to find a lee under the highrises. Once out a couple miles wind speed increased, & sea height along with it. 

Still, I thought it was doable. My clients either had iron stomachs or took my advice on bonine. 

Susan & Danielle gave our reef blocks a hearty shove atop ‘Sue’s Block Drop’ and we beat our way up-sea a good ways. 

Fishing wasn’t all that, not at all; at least until the wind fell out.

An afternoon bite for sure, it saved the day. 

Zig took the pool with the day’s only fluke. He’d have won with his sea bass too. 

I haven’t been fishing Sundays and Mondays. Time for this sixty year old skipper to ease off a bit. Today’s trip was my Saturday cancelations invited aboard today. Not all went, but it worked out. 

Tomorrow I think I’ve an excellent chance of putting folks on mini-mahi with a possible dandy too. 

This time (and this time only!) Don’t Call Anna! – Do NOT call reservations line. You’ll instead want to email me at mhawkins@morningstarfishing.com 

We’ll do a $175.00 seven/7am to 3:30pm trip. (Always want to leave a half hour early. Arrive after 7 to an empty slip – promise.) 12 sells out and derned unlikely. 

It’s very likely, however, this will be my last mahi trip of 21.. 

I think the wind will let us get it in! 



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