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Nice Way to Spend Easter Sunday

by DrewLUD


By Scott Lenox

Nice Way to Spend Easter Sunday

Hello and Happy Easter everyone!  I hope you had a nice day with your families….I know I did.

The weather was very nice in and around Ocean City today with warmer than expected temps, sunny skies and light winds so it was a great day to be outside whatever you were doing.  Lots of folks were visiting with family and friends, but two of our Fish in OC partners were out on the water catching their anglers some nice tautog.

Captain Chase Eberle of Chasin’ Tides Charters had a great day today with his anglers putting them on a boat limit that included some very nice fish.  Captain Chase put his guys on two fish that were over 9 pounds and four others that were over 10 pounds with the largest fish of the day tipping out at 11.2.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star was out on the rip today as well and though the wind started off double what was expected it settled down and allowed for some good fishing.

Grey Easter morning with a bit more wind than called for. Ehh, double the wind. Poor young Jaydon had to be wondering what all those white-leg crabs were doing in his Easter basket..
Wind piped down to forecast levels about 11. Got pretty off there. Young man was paying attention to mate Vic’s instructions – hooked and landed some good fish. Jadon even outfished one of my clients today, (but I won’t mention his Dad’s name here.)
Nick and Bernie had a blast too.
Light crowd. Nice bite. Could have limited under MD regs. Put a lot of keepers back instead – clients came within one fish of my boat-regs limit (2 tog per person, only one can be female. That’s how I’m fishing tog from here on out.)

Have three spots open for tomorrow. Call Anna at 443-235-5577 if you’d like to book one. If unfamiliar with the boat & fishery, best to check Fish Report 4/3/21 too.

Sure was a nice way to spend an Easter Sunday and, just from one smile, a great reminder why it’s well worth the effort to build reef. Now go see what’s for dinner..
Cheers All,

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