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Ocean City didn’t let Trimper’s move Ferris wheel. Was it moved anyway?



OCEAN CITY, Md. — Trimper’s Rides unveiled its Big Wheel ride for the second year last week, but there’s one problem — the Ferris wheel might be in the wrong location.

The 149-foot tall ride appears to be “significantly” encroaching on town property, which is a code violation, according to former Ocean City council member Dennis Dare. Trimper’s denies the allegation.

In October, Trimper’s Rides President Antoinette Bruno asked the mayor and town council for permission to move the Ferris wheel farther east on its property to a point where it would slightly overhang the Ocean City Boardwalk.

At the time, Bruno told town leaders that Trimper’s was asking to move the Ferris wheel at the wish of the attraction’s operator.

“The wheel moving is part of (the contractor’s) interest in staying in Ocean City,” Bruno said. “They want that position or they’re not sure they will make the necessary funds to cover setting up the wheel again in 2021.”

City code allows signs and certain items to encroach 4 feet into the Boardwalk, but Trimper’s plan was to have the Ferris wheel hang over the Boardwalk by almost 13 feet.

The Trimper's ferris wheel over the Boardwalk Monday, June 7, 2021, in Ocean City, Maryland. Some question if the ferris wheel's location violates city code because it hangs over the Boardwalk too far.

Town staff had mixed feelings about the plan and didn’t feel comfortable approving it, so they brought it to town leaders Oct. 5. Ultimately the plan was tabled by Ocean City leaders who had concerns about its safety, the precedent it could set and what legal implications it might have on the town.

The issue was never revisited by town leaders, who were asked to approve the 13-foot encroachment, and now it appears the Ferris wheel isn’t where it should be, according to Dare.


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