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Ocean City has yet to shake car rally. What else can be done

by DrewLUD


Although it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in Maryland, even graduating seniors don’t cause the disorder that Ocean City experiences at the start of fall.

Once a year, hordes of car enthusiasts fill the streets for the unofficial gathering born from the car show H2O International, or H2Oi.

The town has been at odds with participants of the car meetup for years, but it wasn’t always that way.

Here’s some background on the event’s history and how it has changed since its inception.

What is H2Oi?

H2Oi exists both as an official car show and a separate, unaffiliated event. Both were unsanctioned by the town of Ocean City. The unofficial pop-rally — driven mostly by social media — draws thousands of people to the resort to showcase their modified cars.

Throughout its run in Ocean City, the notoriously chaotic gathering has involved pedestrian crashes, clashes with law enforcement, attacks against officers, possession of weapons and drugs, and assaults on police horses.


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