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Osprey, shark encounter goes viral after caught by Lewes photographer

by DrewLUD

Stephanie Faust was in the right place at the right time.

The seasoned photographer stood at a lookout point near the Delaware Bay on Aug. 2, her camera and attention focused on the Delaware Breakwater East End Lighthouse, stark red against the cotton candy pink and blue sky.

Suddenly, Faust, who was aiming her lens over a family sitting nearby, heard a shout: “Oh wow, I think he has a shark!”

She turned her head to the sky, caught a glimpse of an osprey soaring through the clouds and snapped two photos before it disappeared over the dunes.

What Faust did not realize, in that moment, was that she had captured much more than just an osprey. Later, as she zoomed in on the “sea hawk” with its long, narrow wings outstretched, she noticed something quite large clutched in its talons – a dogfish shark, dinner for the bird of prey.

An osprey carrying a dogfish shark over the Delaware Bay, on Tuesday, August 2, 2022.

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Initially, Faust was displeased with the photos. In a perfect world, she would have better positioned herself for the action shot. The Lewes native almost refused to share the images online. But, later that night, she reconsidered.

“Haha, wish I was in the right camera setting. I was focused on one last capture of the lighthouse, looked up and he was over my head,” wrote Faust. She included a hashtag for shark week and clicked “post.”

The photo immediately went viral.

All of Delmarva’s eyes were on Faust. People, left and right, began to reach out to the photographer, praising her for her work and asking where a print, sticker or t-shirt of the photo could be purchased. Today, she is pleased to share that the photo will be available for purchase soon.

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