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Over and Under Bluefin Tuna



By Scott Lenox

Over and Under Bluefin Tuna

The gear you need to catch stripers at the route 50 bridge and OC inlet is at Atlantic Tackle in West Ocean City.

Kind of a dreary day in and around Ocean City with heavy cloud cover at times.  The wind was up a little bit too which had some ocean boats staying home waiting for a calmer day.  Thankfully not everyone stayed tied to the dock and there were some fish flopping on the deck.

Captain Willie Zimmerman of the RoShamBo had another good day with the bluefin tuna out in the Poorman’s Canyon today.  Captain Willie put his crew on their three “under” bluefin tuna between 27″ and 47″, releasing another 4 and also found a nice “over” bluefin tuna at 51″.

Captain Chris Watkowski and the crew of the Spring Mix II had a good day in the Poorman’s Canyon today as well putting their three “under” bluefin in the box and released 12 more.

Captain Chris Little and the crew of Talkin’ Trash had a great day trolling offshore as well putting his anglers on their three “under” and one “over” bluefins.

Captain Chase Eberle and the crew of Chasin’ Tides Charters had a great day and night yesterday putting limits of sea bass in the cooler and releasing a big sand tiger shark.

Captain Jason Mumford of Lucky Break reports in that flounder fishing has gotten tough in the murky water conditions in the back bay, but he is still finding a few.  Captain Jason also reports that there are plenty of shad on the incoming tide to keep anglers busy.

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Source: News Ocean City Maryland Coast Dispatch Newspaper