Home Weather Videos Part 2: Fishing On 4th Street For Tautog And… #ocmd #tautog #saltwaterfishing

Part 2: Fishing On 4th Street For Tautog And… #ocmd #tautog #saltwaterfishing

by DrewLUD

What a day! Plenty of tautog action and my first ever sheepshead! The weather was much better than Part 1 and the fish were definitely more active. Gear used: 10′ rod with a 8000 series reel. 8oz bank sinker, 1/0 offset hook and frozen sand fleas. And if you ask me if I caught anything, my answer is always “no”.

My rod/reel is a Penn Fierce 3 combo with an 8000 series reel

My tog rig: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovc4ltZvERY

Filmed on a GoPro Hero8

The 4th Street fishing area is designated as a free fishing zone. No fishing license is required, HOWEVER, size and creel limits still apply. For today’s catches, seabass need to be 12.5″ and tautog need to be 16″ to keep. There is no size limit for sheepshead. Know the legal sizes before you go, DNR frequents this spot a lot. Ocean City falls under the Atlantic Ocean and Coastal Bays section. Here is the regulations page: https://www.eregulations.com/maryland/fishing/atlantic-seasons-sizes-limits

Thanks as always for watching!

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