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Police ride-along in Ocean City proved quiet

by DrewLUD

OCEAN CITY — Traffic violations, such as drivers doing burnouts, have been rising in recent years during an annual pop-up car rally, prompting increased police presence

Years ago, H2Oi was an organized car show. The organizer then relocated his event to Atlantic City, but each year car enthusiasts still travel to Ocean City, Maryland, in droves around the last weekend of September. In the past several years, illegal behavior that is now classified as exhibition driving started increasing.

A Delmarva Now reporter and photographer rode along with Cpl. Mike Valerio of the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office for a few hours Friday to observe the pop-up car rally from his perspective. 

Driving to Ocean City from Sept. 25-26? What you can expect during H2Oi 2021


Around 8 p.m., handfuls of people sat in chairs or on tailgates, either in parking lots, on sidewalks or on streets in Ocean City, while some gathered at street corners. Groups and small crowds grew around 9:30 p.m. When Valerio took the reporter and photographer back to their car just before midnight, the number of people along the streets appeared to have declined some, but people could still be seen sitting and watching for potential entertainment.

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