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Puppy Live Webcam – Sat Jan 30, Silve Star Doodles

by DrewLUD

Having a stressful day? Need a little puppy zen in your life? Here at Silver Star Doodles we have you covered. Watch our live stream puppy webcam and see what Ruby and her nine Golden Doodle puppies are up to.

They were born Boxing Day evening, and all are doing great, feeding like little champions and sleeping all day. They are now in their puppy playpen, and starting to find their legs and wobble all over. All of these puppies are now on hold for their forever homes, please email us at silverstardoodles@gmail.com if you would like an application form or more information about upcoming litters.

Let us introduce you to the gang, in birth order:
Chimo – green/black collar, boy, he was first born, cream coloured, straight – slight wavy coat
Georgie – orange collar, boy, smallest of the litter, light tan coat colour, curly coat
Tilly – black/blue collar, girl, lightest cream coat colour, wavy coat
Remi – yellow collar, boy, darkest red/brown coat colour, straight – slight wavy hair coat
Kallie – blue collar, girl, cream colour, wavy hair
Maddie – red collar, girl, light tan colour, wavy-curly hair
Jessie – pink collar, girl, light tan colour, wavy hair, white back feet
Fonzie – green collar, boy, cream colour, curly hair
Violet – purple collar, girl, cream colour, curly hair

Source: Youtube