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ROBS: Peter R DiMento

by DrewLUD

ROBS Interview Series

Since 1991, the R.O.B.S )Retirees of Brentwood Schools) organization has met monthy to promote the well-being of Brentwood retired teachers, information sharing, and social events among retired teachers.

In 1994, former Brentwood history teacher John Sherin began the R.O.B.S History Project. Over twenty years, the project saw Sherin conduct 153 exit interviews with retiring teachers-recording memories of Brentwood schools, students, and the Brentwood community for future generations. The project has proven an invaluable contribution to our community memory.

On May 8th, 2015 the ROBS History Project was formally completed. On this day, two complete sets of project interviews were donated to both the Brentwood, Public Library History Collection and the Long Island Studies Collection of Hofstra University.

Today, we mark the next stage of the R.O.B.S project as we begin bringing complete interviews, excerpts about people, places, and stories from the past, as well as new recordings and digitized images from the Brentwood Public Library Local History collection to online viewers and listeners, hoping to learn a bit more about our shared past.

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