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Salisbury reports $19.8 million dollar impact

by DrewLUD


The 2021 National Folk Festival didn’t just bring performances, cultures and foods to Salisbury. 

The 80th annual festival also raked in an estimated $19.8 million long-term economic impact on Wicomico, Worcester and Somerset counties.

Salisbury University’s Business Economic and Community Outreach Network conducted a study to estimate the impact of the festival. According to the study, every 1,000 people who attended the festival made a $217,491 total impact on the region.

The city estimates that about 91,000 people attended the three-day festival.

Vaccinations are encouraged at the 80th National Folk Festival Saturday, Sept. 11, 2021, downtown in Salisbury, Maryland.

BEACON’s study specifically analyzed new money brought into the economy as a result of the festival. 

The network estimated that 38% of the people who attended the festival were not from the local region. Of that 38%, 70% of visitors stayed at least one night in a hotel, rental unit, camper, or home of friends or family.

“While this year’s in-person festival was different than any National Folk Festival before it due to the global pandemic, the results of the economic impact study suggest how impressive the festival’s effects are, and will continue to be, on Salisbury’s local economy,” Mayor Jake Day said in a press release.


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