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San Diego Web Cams Live (Rotating/Switched Feed)

by DrewLUD

This switched feed presents all of our live cameras with views of Downtown San Diego, San Diego Bay and the Pacific Ocean from cameras located at Bali Hai on Shelter Island, Tom Ham’s Lighthouse on Harbor Island & Cabrillo National Monument on the southern tip of Point Loma.

Audio is a mix of VHF marine radio channels.

This will be the feed to watch when a ship is coming or going or any other event we are following and you don’t want to chase it over our YouTube channel. You can safely park it here and let us do the work for you.

CHAT: No political or religious talk, please. It’s too polarizing. We want this feed to be enjoyable for everyone. Keep it family friendly. You must subscribe to chat. This is not the same as “JOIN”, which is a paid membership to support the channel. You merely need to “SUBSCRIBE” to chat. This is to help reduce chat spammers.

To keep everyone safe, DO NOT discuss future ship movements in chat until they have been made public by this channel.


Chat Bot Commands:


where xx is a ship number. i.e. !whois-70

Will tell you about warship 70.

!weather – weather report
!fireworks – fireworks schedule

If you find the bot annoying then block it in your chat feed. Click to the right of it and block. You can (and should) block any source in the chat you find annoying.

Members can now control our 4K cams and switched feed video via chat commands! As we add new 4K cameras, they will support this feature too.

Changing the switched feed display

To change the switched feed display, use !show [cam]

All cameras can be displayed on the switched feed. They are:

CVC – Cabrillo National Monument (Visitor Center)
CW – Cabrillo National Monument west facing camera
SIE – Shelter Island East (Bali Hai Restaurant)
SIN – Shelter Island North (Bali Hai)
HIS – Harbor Island South (Tom Ham’s Restaurant)
HIE – Harbor Island East (Tom Ham’s Restaurant)
AUTO – Resume auto rotation

i.e. “!show cvc” will show the CVC camera in the switched feed
“!show auto” will resume normal automatic rotation

Moving the 4K cameras

The two 4K cameras that can be moved are:

SIE : Shelter Island East
CVC : Cabrillo Visitor Center

Commands format:

* * To move the camera * *

!move [cam] [location/direction] [step]

examples: “!move sie buoy21” will point the Shelter Island 4K camera towards buoy 21.

“!move sie up 8” will move the Shelter Island 4K camera up 8 steps

“!move cvc right 3” will move the Cabrillo 4K camera right 3 steps

* * To zoom the camera * *

!push [cam] [1-25]

examples: “!push sie 25” will zoom IN the Shelter Island 4K camera 25 steps

!pull [cam] [1-25]

examples: “!pull cvc 5” will zoom OUT the Cabrillo 4K camera 5 steps

These features are new and will continue to be refined. Supported location values are:

From all 4K: up, down, left, right

Camera specific locations (!move [cam] [location]):

From SIE:

tour (starts the tour)

Please see the SIE feed description for a more detailed list of supported locations.

From CVC:


Please see the CVC feed description for a more detailed list of supported locations.



The San Diego Web Cam is 100% viewer supported. Your stars, superchats, memberships, merchandise purchases and donations make this possible. Thank you for your Support!

–Watch the San Diego Web Cam 24/7 on:

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These platforms don’t support 24/7 streaming, but our cameras are available by live event and on-demand:

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Merchandise – Sales support these live cameras. Inventory of photos updated during the live stream! Thank you for your support.

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News media: Non-exclusive rebroadcast permission available on request. Message us on Facebook or Twitter, or email Pictures@SunDiegoLive.com.

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