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Shark safety tips for swimming at Ocean City, Delaware beaches



The heat of summer and throngs of beachgoers making their way to sandy spots along the Maryland and Delaware coast means ocean swimming and lessons in shark safety.

Although the area is home to various species of sharks, the likelihood of being attacked is virtually nil. According to the International Shark Attack File based at the University of Florida in Gainesville, more Marylanders have lost their lives in lightning strikes since 2010 with none in unprovoked shark attacks.

While the risk is still considerably low, Gavin Naylor, director of the Florida Program for Shark Research at the ISAF joins other research organization in having swimmers take important precautions when visiting their local beach.

Annually, the Ocean City Chamber of Commerce reports an estimated 8 million visitors during the summers months with the Rehoboth Chamber of Commerce boasting an additional 7,985,995 to its Delaware shores. 

In this June 2014 CapeCast, we encounter a Spiny Dogfish shark in a lagoon behind Red River Beach and try to figure out what kind of shark it is.

Experts agree to never swim alone as sharks are more likely to attack a solitary swimmer. Even when swimming in a group, staying closer to shore ensures immediate assistance is nearby.

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Swimming during daylight hours is also recommended instead of the twilight or evening. Not only do sharks have keen senses even in total darkness, but that is also the most active time for them to hunt.


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