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Small victories in the era of big growth in the coastal region



There seems to be a certain inevitability to growth in the region. But a recent newspaper poll revealed that almost 70% of their coastal readers were not happy with the “booming real estate market.” Duh! 

Growth is all around us. Outlet Liquors now claims to be “the 3rd largest liquor store in the nation.” Jumbo home loans up to $2 million are available for the purchase of primary, second and investment homes. And the addition to Cape Henlopen High School is costing $16 million.  

Admittedly, this latter sum seems insignificant when compared to Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady’s annual salary of $25 million. It’ll be interesting to see which ages better.

Lest you think that everything is growing, there is ample evidence to indicate that all is not yet lost to the bigger/greater/larger or just plain huger side of the equation.

Hopkins Farm Creamery has been selling ice cream since July 2008.

For instance, the Cape Henlopen High girls lacrosse team held it traditional Short vs. Tall intra-squad game in late March. The “Shawtys” decisively beat the “Too Talls” 17-7, winning for the third year in row.  

The entire squad, consisting of short players, tall players, and every sized Lady Laxer in-between, has been dominant for over a decade, taking the state championship for 11 straight years. So, the significance of this “small victory” cannot be understated.      


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